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9 reports about 105-258-5342

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Tiésar 11th Nov, 2011+0
When I answer no one says anything and I do wait long enough since I know that sometimes the computer dials the number.
suwed 27th Oct, 2011+0
this is the second time this has happened, someone asking for my husband, and when i say he's not in at the moment, and ask to take a message, they don't even have the courtesy to say who or why they are calling, they just hang up, this is on my cell phone, the billing is in my name, I don't feel we have to put up with these annoying tele markenting calls. These people need to go out and get real jobs, and actually do something with their lives, instead of getting paid to annoy innocent hard working people, and costing me money and minutes on my cell phone.
spikester 4th Oct, 2011+0
calls 3 times a day, doesn't leave a message. Very annoying!
Apsalute 14th Sep, 2011+0
Male Voice just called me at this number, asked for me BY NAME, and the proceeded to say he was with the Youth Vote... I asked to be removed from the calling list, to which there was silence. I asked again "can you remove me from your list", to which the male voice replied "Nope", and hung up. I'm insanely frustrated, and when I tried to call back, it went to a automated message saying Voice Mail had been disabled.
yourmomlikesit 10th Sep, 2011+0
calls late at nite, nobody answers
Arvin Stephen K. Pab 21st Aug, 2011+0
Who the hell are they? The phone I.D. reads "Service Providers". I hate the fact the they call and not leave a message.
Paul 5th Aug, 2011+0
they called all hours of the day i told them i would sue for harrasement they quit calling
Laura D 16th Jul, 2011+0
who are they they call constantly
madman 15th Jul, 2011+0
I work at an automotive dealership and "Regina" called to get a copy of a service invoice from when a vehicle was recently in for service. The vehicle is listed under the name "Hugh Kelly" or "Cross Trade Consulting" She asked me to fax the invoice to her but also gave me a fax number, which is similar and a mailing address to mail a copy. For more information, please email me.

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